KGS DIAMOND, with its headquarters in Switzerland, is the world's leading manufacturer of flexible diamond abrasives since 1952.1t has more than 65 years of innovation, KGS DIAMOND is the Proud Manufacturer of Swiss Diamond Technology® and is active Worldwide.

KGS promotes chemical free concept! KGS has produced a range of diamond polishing pads that work exceptionally well under a wide range of machines and on a wide range of floors using just water! Protect the environment! Forget about complex and unsafe systems.


Speedline MM-2A series is a 5-step sequence of resin bond diamond polishing disc ideal for stone polishing professionals. Long life and excellent gloss levels can be achieved without the use of any chemicals. In just 5 steps as compared to the conventional 8 step process, marble can achieve superior finish compared to any other diamond polishing pads. When combined with Flexis® Cream #8000 pad for the last step, it gives a mirror finish wet look on the floors.


This is the perfect tool combination for natural stone floor renovation. Powerful aggression of KGS Speedline® MM-2A and superior finishing capabilities of KGS Flexis® FF create the fastest system renovation for marble and soft stone floor.

Steps 1 to 3 Speedline® MM-2A for fast and efficient polishing Steps 4 to 6 KGS Flexis® for perfect finishing without use of any harmful chemicals


The biggest and most abused floors are no barrier for FLEXIS® pads for floor as they are the ultimate solution on daily floor cleaning and polishing due to their unique technical properties. Designed, engineered and tested for the very best results. Increase your efficiency, reduce costs and make your work easier!

KGS FLEXIS® pads have unique FERRZON®+ technology which optimize your results using almost any type of floor cleaning machine. FERRZON®+ is based on microscopic crystals designed and produced specifically for cleaning and polishing, delivering high performance!

These pads are available in 17" sizes making them suitable for most single disc scrubbers and scrubber dryers.


Longer Life — Works at least 2.5 times longer than other products

Less Passes, Less Time — Works twice as fast than other products.

Thicker Pads — 20 mm thickness gives longer life

Open Weave design provides self cleaning properties

Green Floors — With no requirement of chemicals to get mirror shine on floors, FLEXIS® Pads promote eco- friendly floor polishing methods


FLEXIS® Yellow Pad
FLEXIS® Blue Pad
FLEXIS® Cream Pad
FLEXIS® Green Pad
FLEXIS® Red Pad Grit # 400 Coarse Pad for normal surface cleaning and renovatio
FLEXIS® Blue Pad Grit # 800 Medium Pad for light cleaning and produces and economical light reflective finish
FLEXIS® Yellow Pad Grit # 1500 Fine pad for polishing. Produce a clear reflective shine
FLEXIS® Green Pad Grit # 3000 Very fine pad serves two functions. Firstly, it will finish off the 4- step preceding process and secondly, if used daily, it will maintain and improve the polish shine. Can be used wet or dry.
FLEXIS® Cream Pad Grit # 8000 Gives the surface a deep polish shine also called Wet Look Shine'. If used daily, in combination with or without the FLEXIS®. Green Pad, it will maintain and improve the deep polish shine