Wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners with 1-phase, 2-phase & 3-phase supplies to choose as per the application
Designed for heavy duty & long hours of continuous usage
Compact design built in stainless steel tanks
Noiseless operations
Wide range of tools & accessories to choose as per vacuuming application
High suction & high airflow variations to choose as per vacuuming application
High filtration areas
Mechanical filter shaker for ease of operator
Easily removable tanks which can be moved on castors for emptying & easily refitted without lifting the tank.


Suction of loose metal chips & swarf, textile waste, scrap resin, aggregates, plastic waste, ceramic waste, dry materials, dusts, splinters, slivers, sawdust, powders, sediments, flour dusts, wood waste, baking crumbs, quartz dusts, electrostatic dust & waste, abrasive materials, toxic wastes, greasy oiled wastes, debris,  food & glass wastes, hot scraps etc.

Areas of applications:

Metal processing industry, Food Industry, Textile Industry, Furniture industry, Woodwork & carpentry, Transportation Industry, Car Wash Systems, Civil & Engineering, Building industries, Electronics Industry, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Bakeries & Confectioneries, Machine Building Industry, Ceramic Industry, Automotive Industry, Engineering Industry, Tire Making Industry, Rubber Industries, Metallurgical Industry, Power Industry, Shipbuilding Industry,